Mechanical Design

KNX Demo Cases & Co.

Before KNX Virtual and KNX Simulators, if you wanted to be the best, train, or do a demo for an important client, you had to build your own demo corner inside your office. This was very limiting, as you needed the client to be physically present in the office for the demo. That’s why I …

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Playing with Fire….

One evening last year, after returning from work and enjoying dinner, I settled in front of my PC with a cold beer. In the Netherlands, where recycling is a top priority, beers are sold in returnable crates. After finishing, I habitually placed the empty bottles back into the crate. Being in manufacturing, my mind often …

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Last Generation Timekeeper

In the past, table clocks used to be decorative and a status symbol. I still remember my youthful discussions about how many rubies the clock had. I wasn’t aware of the rubies’ function, but we still engaged in the conversation. Time has passed, but the memories are still fresh. I’m just redesigning the shell, but …

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